A Revolutionary New Approach to Design

Truehome (patent pending)  is a systematic process for developing criteria for building designs that are tailored to the exact needs of their inhabitants.

It was developed over a decade in the design practice of Sentient Architecture's Managing Partner, Christopher K. Travis. It originated from a very simple observation...that a "home" is not a building, but rather a suite of emotional experiences that is as unique as a fingerprint for each individual. From a scientific point of view, "home" is a suite of emotional responses emerging from the brain of the inhabitant in response to environmental cues. We call these subconscious reactions your "emotional architecture."

Truehome developed so much credibility that Gizmodo.com requested that Christopher Travis interpret the personality of the legendary Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, based on the floor plan of the home he was planning to build before his death.

Tested in the Field for Over a Decade

Sentient Architecture was the beta testing site for Truehome technology and has used the method with clients successfully for over a decade. Most of the residential projects in our portfolio were designed using the Truehome approach. A positive "experience of home" comes when the features of that intimate environment elicit constructive emotional responses from your brain. In other words, some features allow the inhabitant to feel more comfortable, relaxed, safe, empowered and self-expressed than others.

Each individual, and each family system, responds in unique ways to features of a living space. When a person undertakes a home building or home improvement project, relationships with a spouse, with children, and with professionals can also prove complicated.

Truehome is designed to help people discover their unique needs in this area of life, and then enable them to create a home that is tailored in great detail to those needs. The information collected by Truehome exercises allows them to make better decisions when they decide to buy, design and build, remodel or redecorate their homes.

Taking Truehome to the Web

Beginning in early 2006, Mr. Travis formed a company called Nidiant Corporation for the purpose of converting a written workshop into a software application that could take this technology to the Internet. The result was a new website being developed at Truehome.net.

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If you are interested in learning more about the relationship between your home and your brain, you can visit Mr. Travis' private blog Architecture of Life where the subject is discussed in detail. Or you can visit the Home page of the the Truehome.net website.

 Here is what one national expert on the brain has to say about Truehome.

" Truehome has captured a coalescence of the behavioral and brain sciences that allows the creation of a living environment that is truly a home, one that nourishes our psychological needs and enhances our biological state at the same time.

"Truehome is a credible tool that seeks out the design that will prove to be nurturing to our needs, and allows us to heal when necessary, to take refuge from the stresses of work and the world at large, and to regain our equilibrium. Clinical intuition supports Travis' work in this regard but, more importantly, the behavioral and brain sciences both lead me to believe it will be effective as a strategy for the design of positive, progressive, healing environments for living."

Cecil Reynolds, PhD - Internationally known expert in psychological testing and assessment, author of The Handbook of School Psychology,and the Encyclopedia of Special Education, past president of the National Academy of Neuropsychology and the author of the Test of Memory and Learning (TOMAL), one of the most widely used psychological testing tools in the United States.Mr. Travis originally created the Workshop in order to help his design clients identify and prioritize their unique relationship with that experience of "home" in order to help him design living space that fits each individual and family in an exact way.



A Workshop Best Delivered by a Team

Truehome technology is designed to support the professional services of design professionals, real estate professionals and mental health professionals. Truehome's breakthrough method recommends that therapists and design professional's team up to identify the needs of their clients.

Certification programs and ethical standards are planned to maintain professional ethics. The design team in all trials during research included a mental health professional, in several cases a Ph,D. clinical psychologist. Nidiant supports professional standards in both the architecture community and in the mental health community.

Truehome explores ideas that lead to the construction of living spaces that empower and support those who live within them to grow towards a better relationship themselves, others and the biosphere as a whole. 

Mr. Travis and the Truehome team are seeking to create a living, adaptive, holistic, communal, and transformational community which aids individuals not only in designing their homes, but in designing the lives they wish to live. 

Persons interested in participating should contact Christopher K. Travis at chris.travis@nidiant.com.